Hey Jini and LuckyKang i: The Secret Door

The secret door to the magical world has appeared! Every time you pass through the secret door, an amazing world unfolds one by one... Our friends "Jini" and "Kang i" got the magic key to the mysterious secret door! From the door of the small country where very small friends live, to the door of the scary dinosaur, to the door of the Arctic where the fierce wind blows! But wait, there's a door you should never open?! It's the gate of the terrible pirate! In order to protect the magic key from the evil pirate villains, Jini and Kang i are transformed into witches and superheroes! The amazing fantasy adventure of Jini, Kang i, and friends begins!





Duration: 0 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

imdb rating 0