Accompany: Hyegwang Blind Orchestra

A documentary about the 10 years of the Hyegwang Blind Orchestra, composed of visually impaired people, founded in 2011. Unlike many films about the disabled which mainly focus on topics of survival and human rights, the documentary focuses more on art and how it brings change to life. The self-esteem and the possibility of communication with the outside world of persons with disability in a tight-knit environment, under the gaze of prejudice gained from encountering music that changed their lives. Rather than focusing on the difficulties of life for people with disabilities, the film narrows the gap between the disabled and non-disabled communities and focuses on the growth of both disabled and non-disabled people through musical exchanges. Music is a great bridge that connects two worlds, and the process of understanding each other's world through art in different physical situations is sometimes solemn and sometimes beautiful.

Genres: Documentary




Duration: 0 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

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